Curtains are special elements of home decoration and play the important role in the Decoration market. When people decorate their home, they pay more attention to the style of the curtains and ignore the curtain accessories, especially the curtain poles. Here are some tips for you to select your favorite curtain poles:

Aluminum alloy curtain poles

The advantages of aluminum tubes are small dimensions, easy-install, fashionable, flexible bendable and corrosion resistance, strong, and economic price. they are also widely used. Generally speaking, the prices of these poles are between 10 dollars to 15 dollars. If OEM is for a special design, the price will be slightly higher.

Natural wood curtain poles

The materials are natural wood generally, so their prices are higher than other materials. The advantages are their outstanding decoration to highlight the rooms. Suitable for Chinese style, European and other styles. However, the curtain tubes of natural wood have their disadvantages too. They have high environmental requirements. If the weather is too dry, the poles might get damaged. If the humidity is too much, the wood might rot.

Iron curtain poles

The normal colors of iron curtain poles are black, silver or white. The decoration effect is a little weaker. However, it is convenient to install. We can choose the various different styles to meet our decoration requirements. The various different styles of iron poles also can show perfect artistic performance. If poles match with silk or gauze curtains, will show you an excellent decorative effect.

I believe now you have some idea to choose your favorite curtain tubes now. Yes, first select your favorite curtains, and then select the curtain tubes according to the decoration style of your rooms. Generally speaking, 28mm diameter poles are most widely used, they are showing you excellent decorative effect and perfect bearing capacity.