Classification of curtain hardware

Curtain hardware-curtain track

Curtain track is a kind of curtain hardware used to hang curtains so that people can open and close curtains, also curtain track can increase the beauty of the curtains, there are various curtain tracks. There is snake-shaped curtain track has emerged in recent years, curtain track is mainly popular in Europe and Taiwan, Japan.

Curtain hardware-curtain rod

Curtain rod is a material based on metal and wood, used to install curtains, while reducing noise, direct light, different materials, curtain rod style has iron rod head art curtain rod, with silk or gauze decorative fabric, used in the bedroom, there is a strong contrast between soft and rigid beauty, however, wood carved rod head is to give a sense of warmth and fullness, curtain rod Also divided into the outside rod and hidden rod.

Curtain hardware-curtain hooks

Curtain hooks are a lot of unique styles, exquisite workmanship, novel style, a wide range of colors, curtain hooks are suitable for use with a variety of sizes of curtain rods, where the hooks are mainly cloth fork hooks and resin hooks, the two styles and materials are different, cloth fork hooks are mainly metal, curtain hooks are more widely used, including pin hook curtains, butterfly curtain hooks, R7 hooks, etc. Resin hooks are mainly made of resin, very beautiful atmosphere. Very beautiful atmosphere.

Curtain hardware-curtain buckle

Curtain buckle is a fixed curtain with a small button-like object, used to fix the curtain when it is lifted, generally used with the cloth ribbon. A variety of styles, curtain accessories curtain buckle which is divided into butterfly buckle and magnetic curtain buckle, this is no longer just a simple tool, but a decorative object, curtain buckle components are also made up of silk ribbon, resin decorative surface, magnetic protection paper, fastening screws, nickel-plated to strengthen the magnetic magnets.

Curtain matching skills


for the curtain color matching, curtain color preferably not more than three will give a very cluttered feeling, is not conducive to mood sedimentation, easy to make people feel irritable. Because the color will affect people’s mood, the curtains with the color to focus on.


curtains with also consider the size of the curtains, which can be based on the size of the curtains to match, but also according to personal likes, hobbies, and is the family’s love of color match, in general curtains can be determined according to personal circumstances.


the curtains can also be selected according to the interior light, for the interior light is better to choose thicker curtains, while the interior light is darker can choose some thin screen windows. In addition, the installation of curtains in different spaces is also different, the living room is more suitable for the installation of atmosphere, bedroom can choose a more subtle installation.


Different curtains, due to different materials as well as colors, show different effects when decorating. Often curtains also need to consider curtain hardware together to make a choice.
Each style is different, choose a good curtain can naturally bring a pleasing effect to the home decoration.