In 2022, the most comprehensive and most detailed classification of commonly used hardware products for home decoration, as follows: A: bathroom hardware 1, sinking faucets; 2, faucets for washer; 3, time-delay faucets; 4, shower; 5, soap dish rack, soap holder; 6, rack for cups; 7, double rack for cups; 8, napkin holder; 9, toilet brush […]

For a long time, people have been using net curtains to decorate their homes to serve as a means to provide privacy or as a beautiful accent to their windows. Net curtains are delicate and provide the privacy you desire while also bringing light to the room. Net Curtains are generally light and can range […]

Classification of curtain hardware Curtain hardware-curtain track Curtain track is a kind of curtain hardware used to hang curtains so that people can open and close curtains, also curtain track can increase the beauty of the curtains, there are various curtain tracks. There is snake-shaped curtain track has emerged in recent years, curtain track is […]

Curtains are hanged using hooks that are available in different shapes and sizes. This article will focus on hooks and their benefits to hanging curtains. The Butterfly curtain hooks are going to be discussed in this article. If you want to know about the benefits of Butterfly Curtain Hooks, read this article till the end. […]

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