R7 hook

Material: carbon steel
Product color: brass or silver
Weight: 1.1 gram/pc

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The advantage of our R7 HOOK brass:

  • Easy to use: The special butterfly-like design, also called butterfly hooks, without pins or clips, can hang your curtains while ensuring that it will not scratch your curtains, and is easy to install.
  • Application: It can be used to fix most headband curtains, such as pencil pleat curtains, curtains, door curtains, and shower curtains, whether it is thick curtains or light curtains.
  • Excellent quality: It is made of strong and durable high-quality metal materials, so it has good wear resistance and oxidation resistance, and is durable.
  • Packaging: 50’s/pack, 100’s/pack, 200’s/pack, 1000’s/pack, 5000’s/pack, etc.
  • Specifications: The butterfly R7 hook is 1.14 inches long, 0.47 inches wide, and the chuck is 0.59 inches long. Please purchase according to actual needs.

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golden, silver

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