curtain rods


Type of curtain poles roman type

Single and double curtain poles
Curtain rods according to the structure can be divided into single track and double track or even multi-track, as the name suggests, the single track can only hang on one side of the curtain, while the double track can be installed on both sides, one side to install the screen, one side to install thick curtains, easy to use. And owners can choose according to their needs.


Curtain rod material to aluminum, iron, solid wood, different material products vary greatly in price, ranging from a few dollars to hundreds, it is recommended that the window rod to choose a good point, because to use a long time, some inferior products are often easy to break down affect the use, and even cause personal injury.
Aluminum window rod is a common window rod material on the market, the purchase focus on the wall thickness of the window rod, a good tube wall is relatively thick to 1.5MM-2MM; secondly, look at the design of the pull ring, poor window rod using recycled plastic pull ring, the manufacturing process is crude.